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Professional 4Tale Production team consist of highly skilled 3D-modelers, 2D-3D artists, graphic designers, 2D-3D animators, UI-UX designers, backend, frontend, mobile and computer game developers. Our team uses best and effective software programs and solutions to create high-qualified and creative digital products. We have a professional team that is ready to create your unique, own, customized digital product.

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we provide following services

3D modeling

Our team of professional 3D modelers use the best 3D modelling software to create amazing work. Here is the list of software programs that our team uses – Maya, ZBrush, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, SketchUp. This is not the whole list of programs that our team uses. The amazing work of our 3D modelers we use in our own products.


Game development

Game development is not an easy niche, to develop a simple game we need game developer, designer, 2D artist and even 3D modeler and do not forget about sound designer with the amazing sounds. In our 4Tale Production team we have all of these specialists. Moreover, we also need good software to make a qualified game so for this we use engines like Unity and Unreal Engine4.



Augmented and virtual reality is one of the famous niches for the last decade. AR/VR brings transports users into the digital world that is way more different from real world. These technologies use not only in videos games but also in training simulation apps, training apps, virtual meeting apps. We have experience in this field also and use one of the best and comfortable in use headsets, gadgets and software.


3D visualization and rendering

3D visualization is a combination of technical as well as artistic skills and is used for demonstrating products while 3D rendering is the process of using a computer to generate a 2D image from a digital three-dimensional scene. Our skilled team creates art in each step of turning 2D art into 3D.


2D Art Creation

A 2D means that the composition possesses the dimensions of length and width but does not possess depth. All 2-dimensional pieces of art, such as drawings, paintings, and prints, are made up of shapes. We have a talented artists that creates inspiring and aesthetically beautiful digital graphics.



Today, most animations are made with computer-generated imagery (CGI) and can be very detailed 3D animation, while 2D computer animation (which may have the look of traditional animation) can be used for stylistic reasons, low bandwidth, or faster real-time renderings. Our animators can animate 2D and 3D objects using Spine, After Effects, Maya and 3ds Max programs.



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