vacancy open

php developer


In connection with the launch of new projects, the development team needs a team-mate - Senior PHP Developer.


We expect from you:

• Experience with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS;

• Ability to work with PHP frameworks, such as: Laravel, Yii, Zend Framework;

• Understanding of the principles of OOP and the ability to apply them;

• Understanding of the MVC system;

• Experience with SVN, GIT management tools;

• Ability to understand someone else's code.


We will have you

  • actively participate in the development of new modules,

  • contribute to the improvement of projects,

  • to deal with system integrations on different platforms.

Working conditions:

We will give you the opportunity to dive into development to the maximum.

We have invaluable teamwork experience awaiting you. It is here that you will learn how to correctly assess your capabilities. You will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from our Team Leads and Prodact Owners.

With us, you will immerse yourself in the world of Agile methodology and completely immerse yourself in working with the Scrum system.

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