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3d modeling

3D modeling is the process of “spiritualizing” three-dimensional computer images and graphics. The development of any object becomes more accessible with a three-dimensional representation of each element, a significant detail.

The main areas of application for 3D modeling are: conducting 3D tours, developing video games, academic research.

Our team consists of professional 3D modelers who create high quality models and are ready to render your ideas in cool 3D format.

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4TALE PRODUCTION provides first-class full-cycle development services. Our artists and game developers have extensive hands-on experience in creating engaging mobile apps. We will accompany you throughout the entire process of creating the game.

We understand the expectations of today's gamers and therefore create games that use the latest technology and expertise.

We can transform your ideas into the best hand-drawn video games, played by millions of people around the world on a variety of platforms.

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4TALE PRODUCTION has extensive experience in delivering stunning visual effects through augmented and virtual reality applications. We can provide your project with innovative AR / VR solutions and take it to the next level. Take full advantage of our services to distinguish your project from the competition. Our experts use their deep experience in the field of software to implement the project. As AR / VR technology is one of the leading marketing trends, we are focused on developing augmented reality products to bring wow to customer interactions.

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Photorealistic rendering, atmospheric renders, statics and animation, 3D design

and content creation for investment projects, virtual tours and VR, and much more.

3D visualization helps to create computer models of objects that exist only at the concept stage. With its help, you can create a photorealistic image of an object, carefully study it and make the necessary adjustments, as well as attract potential customers by making them interested in an attractive image.

The 4TALE PRODUCTION 3D team draws on years of experience and a proven set of best practices to provide the exact elements that are right for your specific project.

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2D Art Development

We provide a full range of 2D art outsourcing services. Our experts can fully support your project by creating EXCEPTIONAL resources and animations in 2D design. Make sure your characters, environment and interface resonate with your users.

A talented team of 2D artists create inspiring and aesthetically beautiful digital graphics that will set the right mood and tone for your project.

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Our animators are well versed in all types of 2D and 3D animation. We will use either frame-by-frame animation or spine animation for 2D, and in 3D we will animate rigged characters. We use the latest technologies such as Maya, Blender, 3ds Max, for 2D - Spine and After Effects to create smooth, realistic movements and transitions in accordance with the requirements of the game. We will animate the characters, teach them how to dance and light them up with them. Whether it's play, facial or character animation. Our team guarantees quality to the highest standards.

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