What is Warcos?

Warcos is an excellent real-time tactical command shooter game. Choose whom you want to be a SWAT soldier or Cartel member. Win fights, eliminate opponents, earn game money, increase your level and customize your equipment. Play online with thousands of players in this multiplayer first-person shooter game as a solo or together with friends. Plunge into the world of battles and victories. Assemble your team and fight till the end. Enjoy the game and improve your skills.

Features of the project

  • Realistic weapon behavior
  • Realistic bullet ballistics based on ballistic calculator data
  • Interactive environment
  • Weapon and character customization
  • Competitive and cooperative aspect of the game
  • Full control over the movement of the character without inertia, which allows you to quickly respond to changes in the combat situation, instantly hide from enemy shots
  • Dynamic weather and time of day
  • Extensive maps with underground structures and open spaces
  • Various game modes
  • Transport
  • Direct and indirect sale of content



Real and intense fight, where skills rewarded and victory rewarded by teamwork waiting for you.

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